Apne Aap

Kaya has been forced into prostitution in Songachi, which is Asia’s largest red light district in the heart of Kolkata. There are believed to be close to eleven thousand prostituted women there. Her life started out fairly normal, she went to school and got married. Between Kaya’s husband and herself, they made enough money to support themselves. But then her husband lost his job, began drinking and abusing her. Eventually Kaya left, but could only afford to take one child. A woman she knew promised her work in Kolkata, but before kaya really understood what happened, that woman sold her to a pimp. Kaya was beaten and forced into a life of prostitution. She has been working to pay off her debt to the pimp in order to gain her freedom. She is smart, beautiful and funny. Her husband has her little girl and she knows she may never see her again. Kaya has her boy and is doing everything she can to make sure he has a better life. #thebirthlottery

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